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Can you really Transform in one day?

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…we’ll, it depends.


A friend asked me this question the other day – can you really transform someone’s life in a single day? Surely the short time frame makes this impossible…


Compared to a whole life time of living in a particular way what can one day do? Surely making a transformational difference to your life takes time, effort, blood, sweat and tears?


Surely change is an arduous affair full of highs, lows, setbacks and failures, taking place over a tremendously long period of time?


You know what? Creating considerable and transformational change in your life does take time. I don’t care what any self improvement book or course tells you, creating a significant difference in your life to the extent where you can start to see, live and experience the fruits of your labour does not happen in a day; it happens over a considerable period of time. As the old, clichéd saying goes ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day’.


If you have goals, dreams, a mission or just ‘cool stuff you’d like to do’ then it will undoubtedly require energy, effort, learning and a good deal of persistence to make in roads and to start seeing the results of your efforts.


If your definition of personal transformation involves seeing and experiencing the physical manifestations of your goals then it doesn’t happen in a day; it takes time.


This isn’t the only definition of personal transformation though. There’s another way to look at the process that, in my opinion, makes ‘single day transformation’ absolutely possible.


At the simplest and most basic level, personal transformation isn’t really about achieving goals, increasing wealth or creating the life of your dreams.


At the simplest and most basic level, personal transformation is about experiencing some kind of significant internal shift.


It annoys me a little that transformation often gets equated with living a life of external abundance; creating a life rich with achievements like career advancement, financial wealth or elevated status. These are often some of the ‘fruits of transformation’ and obviously nice to have, but they’re not the transformation itself. That happens much earlier on the inside.


The process of Personal transformation doesn’t start with external achievements or taking massive action, it starts with an idea; an idea that takes shape, gathers momentum, and then eventually presents itself to the world in all its glory.


Perhaps it’s as simple as a sudden realisation that you can be more than you currently are; that your potential as a human being does, in fact, stretch much further than you initially thought.


Maybe it’s an innovative business idea, or a revelation about life that could have a significant impact on your levels of happiness and fulfilment.


Or perhaps it’s just a reaffirming of your own values and principles: the things in life that are most important to you.


In a world of hype and exaggeration it might seem like personal transformation is all about big external achievements but, at its heart, I think it’s really about experiencing a memorable shift in the way you think and feel; one that stirs on the inside and pesters you to take action. This, for me, is real personal transformation.


Can this be done in a day?




Find out for yourself on February 7th….


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