The Magic of Hypnosis…

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Imagine a space of infinite creativity and potential…

A place where something that would normally have a fixed meaning can suddenly mean multiple different things, sometimes even contradictory, all at the same time…

A place where you can access a colossal reservoir of imagination, choice and resources. A place where you become open to consider and take on new ideas and then integrate these new ideas into your day to day life….

A place where you can take challenges or problems and very quickly shed new light on them…

As you imagine this space i’d like you to put a label on it…The label is called ‘Trance’.


One of the reasons I first got involved in NLP over 15 years ago was because I was utterly fascinated by hypnosis. The mystic surrounding it, its therapeutic uses and the unbelievable things that stage hypnotists could seemingly do captured my imagination like few other things could.


Then, when I started learning about all the amazingly useful things NLP can do, it’s not that I lost interest in the subject, it’s just my attention got redirected to something I found equally fascinating.


I still used hypnotic trance with clients (and willing friends & family!) but my first port of call for personal change was generally NLP and the many techniques it had to offer.


It wasn’t until a few years when we started running our ‘Art of hypnosis’ weekend course that my passion for hypnosis was rekindled. Then, after attending a four day hypnosis supervision course with one of the world’s most skilled hypnotists, my passion for the subject turned from a kindle to a burning, roaring flame.


For me, nowadays I’d say that hypnosis (when done well) has to be one of the most powerful tools for problem resolution, personal change and self development we have available.


It allows us to go to places we would normally struggle to go when we are being all conscious and analytical.


It makes it possible for us to capture and lead people’s imagination and affect them in ways that we simply couldn’t if they were in the normal waking state. It allows us to explore solutions to long existing problems and help others to do likewise within a safe and structured framework.


Quite simply, it’s awesomely cool, awesomely useful and awesomely powerful.


A few questions that you tend to get ask quite regularly when you tell people you use hypnosis (out with, ‘can you make Darren dance like a chicken?’) are –


What actually is trance? How does it really work? And what makes it so powerful?


I used to try and waffle round these questions with descriptions of everyday trance experiences and explanations of bypassing critical faculties but now I just pretty much repeat the opening paragraph of this post:-


Imagine a space of infinite creativity and potential…A place where….Well, you know the words, you’ve only recently just read them 🙂


Going into trance can feel like a wonderfully relaxed, waking dream…


One where you are skilfully guided and supported as you explore the incredible potential of your mind within safe, secure boundaries…


One where you can become absorbed in the exploration of finding new solutions to problems that previously appeared fixed and rigid…


Going into trance can connect us more fully to the experience of life in a way not unlike the way we used to when we were kids. When kids play with abandonment and allow their imaginations to run wild they are most definitely in trance.


They might have their eyes open but they are most certainly entranced, absorbed and deeply connected with the experience of life.


They aren’t analysing whether what they are doing is right or wrong they are just connecting with their deep reservoir of creativity and allowing things to flow…


Hypnotic trance is very much like this…


So it doesn’t really matter if, while you’ve been reading this post, you have found yourself comfortably slipping into a deep state of light trance or a light state of deep trance because i know that you’ll be absolutely right when you allow a feeling of curiosity to emerge from somewhere deep inside…


A feeling of curiosity as to where your journey into trance could potentially take you…


A feeling of curiosity as to what kinds of things you’d like to change, develop or refine if you were to learn fully how to step into this deeply powerful place…


…and, if that curiosity continues to grow, then feel free…to check out our last seminar of the year:


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We very much look forward to seeing there…Trance faces at the ready 🙂


All the best