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Making Life Extraordinary…

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Author: Hayley McGhie – NLP Master Practitioner and Yoga instructor; for more info on Hayley, click here.



What makes the difference between living an ordinary life and an extraordinary one?


I sat behind a desk for 15 years providing administrative duties. Many people that crossed my path over the years would tell me that I was wasted behind a desk; I should be doing something different. I would often think they were right but I never felt very strongly about it.


Back in my younger days I lived for the weekend. I mean: what more was there to life than being surrounding with friends, dancing the night to day and laughing my head off until the hangover kicked in.

Then boom, in 2013 I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease.


In the months that followed, I went through frustrating hospital visits, days lost lying in bed, and found it unbearable facing friends, and life, in general. I started searching for answers. A friend gave me a loan of a book called: ‘Anatomy of the spirit’ by Caroline Myss and I realised that the answer was simple but not exactly easy to take on board: I had to take responsibility for my own life.

The thought of responsibility may not have you bursting with excitement right now but stay with me…take a few moments and imagine the life you dream of and the person you desire to become…see yourself, like you are watching yourself on a YouTube clip…notice what you see, hear and what you are doing. Is it different than what you are currently doing now?


By taking responsibility, this could be the key to helping you make that YouTube clip become reality.

There are many ways to start taking responsibility:


* Be honest with yourself: decide to no longer blame situations and other people for things that have happened.

* Learn from your experiences: instead of feeling sorry for yourself; focus on solutions rather than on the problems.

* Be aware of the choices you make: ask yourself, ‘will this take me closer to my dream?’

* Make a decision: it doesn’t matter if it’s yes or no; as long as you remain flexible in your approach you’ll move forward.

* Realise you can take control of your future: make goals and once you achieve them feel free to make more!

* You have the power to choose how you want to feel at any time: one simple way is to think back to a time you felt that way, intensify the feeling, ramp it right up!

* Don’t judge yourself or beat yourself up for the past: it’s made you the person you are today; you are doing the best you can with the resources you have at the present time.

* Decide today that you are your no 1 priority: family and friends will understand.  If they don’t they may not be a supporting role in your life. The ones that do they will love to spend time with the best version of you.


Reflecting back it makes me smile when I remember everything that has happen as a result of my decision to take responsibility: this year I became a full-time self employed holistic coach with my own practice; over the years I’ve trained and studied consistently in NLP and yoga, along with energy healing; I’ve become a qualified seasonal Vinyasa flow yoga teacher; giving up my office job, I followed my passion for Bikram yoga and trained to become a Bikram Hot Yoga teacher. After 9 weeks of much sweat, blood and tears, in Thailand, I transformed into the strongest version of me I’ve ever seen staring back in the mirror.


The last 12 months have serious pushed me to live outside my comfort zone and I’m finding myself continually learning and developing. I’m becoming a better and more true version of myself.


It’s not been an easy ride by any stretch of the means; 110% determination has most definitely been required. The best part is, now I get to help others; to help guide them as they take responsibility for their health and their own life. I love being part of their journey and to see the amazing results they achieve, as they start living a life with purpose. To me I’m living an extraordinary life, I’m not perfect by a long shot – and don’t think I ever will be. I’m not financially wealthy (yet!) but my life is filled with all kinds of wealth that money can’t buy.

We all have the power to become the person we want to be, and live the life we dream of. Teachers will cross our path and help us along the way. Shine your light and know that you are capable of living an extraordinary life whatever that may mean for you.


All the best,