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Confidence and Self worth – Do you feel ‘loveable’

By 17th March 2013 No Comments

I read somewhere that deep down, the root of all our issues is that we just want to be loved and feel like we are ‘loveable’. I think there’s a lot in that…

To be loved is one of the highest ‘values’ we can have placed on us. To feel that we are ‘loveable’ gives us the full blown experience that we are indeed worthy and valuable.

It’s like the 3 Michelin star fine dining version of confidence builders…It’s where you feel your value and worth as a person has been unequivocally validated. It touches you deep within and lets you realise that you are actually perfectly okay.

I do think most of our issues, at some level, come about from the fear that we are not valued or that something could happen to cause our intrinsic sense of value to drop.

So many issue just vanish when we realize we are loveable.

The amazing thing is, most of the feeling you get from ‘being loveable’ doesn’t come from the outside it’s something you already have.

I know it sometimes feels like other people are giving it to you but they’re really just the catalyst. It’s not something they ‘give to you’ it’s something they ‘bring out in you’.

I love it when people say ‘You bring out the best in me!‘.

The assumption is that you already have ‘the best’ and they just helped you bring it more to the forefront.

It’s already there, you just haven’t been paying attention to it until now…

So have a think…what do you have to do right now to recognize how ‘loveable’ you are?

What do you have to do to open up your own 3 Michelin star fine dining restaurant?

Take care,